Float Therapy

Enjoy an experience like none other in our private Float Rooms by Superior Float Tanks. Float effortlessly in pristine, warm water mixed with nearly 1,500 pounds of therapeutic Epsom salt, creating a gravity-free healing environment that provides deep physical recovery and mental relaxation.

The benefits of Floating have been recognized by many professional athletes, physical therapists, medical professionals, and individuals. 

Keep the FLOAT door open, dim the lights, and play some music  OR experience total sensory deprivation and turn the lights off, close the door, and enjoy maximum wellness benefits.  You get to create the  FLOAT environment that works best for you.

Float Sessions

  • 60-Minute Float Sessions available for both individuals and couples
  • Special 30-Minute Booster FLOAT Option for Club Members Only that don’t have time to FLOAT for a whole hour but still want the benefits to help them through their week.   
  • Specials and Events

Want to learn more?

  • Call North Shore Wellness Club’s Lokahi Spa and set up a time for a tour of our facility. Our door is almost always locked, but we are open seven days a week by reservation.   Call or go online to make reservations. Often when our door is locked we are in the building. We lock it when we are with a client or in other areas of North Shore Wellness Club. Call the number on the door and if we are able to come to the door to let you in, we will. If not we can set up a time to meet that is convenient for you.
  • See our news and editorials section to learn more about our wellness therapies.
What are the benefits of Float Therapy?

Much research has revealed the power of weightlessness created by the dense Epsom salt solution in the tanks.  It removes the feeling of gravity on the body, relieving all the pressure and stress that gravity normally places on one’s muscles and joints.   The reduction of environmental stimulation experienced through our senses ~ such as sight, sound, and touch ~   allows our mind to become tranquil and clear.   This deep mental relaxation and physical relief allows you to rest, recover, and rejuvenate your body and your mind.

Float Therapy can:

  • Reduce Stress on Spine, Hips, and Joints
  • Help with Sleep Disorders
  • Aid in Creativity and learning
  • Lower Blood Pressure & Heart Rate
  • Increase Relaxation
  • Improve Mental Clarity
  • Relief from discomforts of pregnancy
  • Decrease Anxiety
  • Boost Performance
  • Improve Circulation
  • Increase Endorphins
  • Stress Management
  • Restore Magnesuim+Sulfate
  • Athletic Recovery
  • Help with Meditation
  • Improve Skin and Hair Health
  • Decrease Fatigue
  • Help with Pain Management including back and neck aches, migraines, muscle and joint soreness
Is the water clean?

Yes!  Our Float tanks are manufactured by Superior Float Tanks, an industry leader.  Their tanks feature the best filtration system possible combining the most advanced technology in water circulation, UV sterilization, and ozone injection systems.  The filtration system is The Evolution Filtration System and it is able to filter particles from the water to 1 micron in size (smaller than a skin cell) and is FDA compliant for drinking water (Class 1 Filtration).

Superior Float Tanks are used by New England Patriots, US Navy Seals, many high-end Float Centers, just to name a few.  At Lokahi Spa we pride ourselves on our meticulous cleaning practices before and after each Float session as well as throughout the day.

Need more information on our filtration system?

Water is recirculated and filtered through the system at least three times between each use.  In addition we test the waters at least three times a day to maintain the highest levels of sanitation.  Plus, Epsom salt significantly reduces the potential for bacteria and germ growth.  If you would like more detailed information on our float system see our News & Editorial Section or contact us and we can email you more information.

How do I prepare for my FLOAT and what should I expect?

We recommend clients not shave or wax the day of their float to minimize any potential skin sensitivity to the salt.  We also recommend you limit caffeine intake prior to your float to support a calm mindset.  Avoid large meals prior to your float as well.  If you are a first-time Floater please arrive 15 minutes early to allow for intake paperwork, a short informational video, and any questions you may have.    We will then escort you to your float room and show you how to customize your FLOAT to what you would like.  Each Float Room has a changing room, shower, and then the FLOAT Room.  Guests will shower before a float to thoroughly cleanse any hair and skin products, and after the float as well to rinse the Epsom salt off and clean/condition your hair/body as preferred.

We will provide you with all you need for your FLOAT Therapy ~ Towels, organic shampoo and conditioner, body soap, earplugs, and a float headrests if you don’t want your ears in the water.  All you have to bring is any supplies you want for grooming post-float.

What if I am claustrophobic?

No worries!  At first, many of us have this concern.  Once you see our Float Rooms, we believe you will feel at ease.  Contact Us (everytime it says contact us have it be a link to our email/phone number) and we can set up a time to show you our rooms.  Our systems allow each floater to customize their session to their comfort level.  Our system allows you to leave your float room door open if you prefer which leads out to your own private shower/changing area.  It also provides you options for low lighting within the room, star lit sky ceilings, music.  There is no right or wrong way to Float, whatever makes you feel good!

Is there anyone that should not use FLOAT Therapy?

Floating is not for everyone – you should not float if…

  • You recently colored your hair or have gotten a spray tan - the recommended wait time is 10 days.   Please make sure your hair is not leaking any color when wet or washed.  If your hair has been recently colored or has wash out coloring, we will unfortunately not be able to host you in our Floats.  This will ensure that the tank solution does not discolor your hair, and your hair or spray tan will not discolor our tub.
  • You have a new tattoo.  The recommended wait time is 4 weeks.
  • You have epilepsy that is not medically controlled and supervised.
  • You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • You are in your first trimester of pregnancy.
  • You have any significant open wounds or cuts or have an infectious disease.  Petroleum jelly will be provided to cover any small cuts.

Please consult your physician prior to floating if you have any specific health concerns!

What is your cancellation policy?

We require at least 24 hour advanced cancellation notice to receive a full refund on appointments.  Any cancellation made with less than 24 hours will incur a $50 fee.  No-Shows will be charged for the full session.  A courtesy confirmation will be sent to you.  Please call Lokahi Spa to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

What are the benefits of getting a Club Membership?

If you plan on utilizing the products and services at North Shore Wellness Club’s Lokahi Spa and Rejuvenate Café frequently, you may want to explore the advantages of being a club member.

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