Float Therapy

Enjoy an experience like none other in our private Float Rooms by Superior Float Tanks. Float effortlessly in pristine, warm water mixed with nearly 1,500 pounds of therapeutic Epsom salt, creating a gravity-free healing environment that provides deep physical recovery and mental relaxation.

The benefits of Floating have been recognized by many professional athletes, physical therapists, medical professionals, and individuals. 

Keep the FLOAT door open, dim the lights, and play some music  OR experience total sensory deprivation and turn the lights off, close the door, and enjoy maximum wellness benefits.  You get to create the  FLOAT environment that works best for you.

Float Sessions

  • 60-Minute Float Sessions available for both individuals and couples
  • Special 30-Minute Booster FLOAT Option for Club Members Only that don’t have time to FLOAT for a whole hour but still want the benefits to help them through their week.   
  • Please note that you may not float if you have had a hair dye within two weeks of your appointment time or a fresh tattoo 8-12 weeks prior to your appointment time. Call North Shore directly with any questions or concerns.

Want to learn more?

  • Call North Shore Wellness Club’s Lokahi Spa and set up a time for a tour of our facility. Our door is almost always locked, but we are open seven days a week by reservation.   Call or go online to make reservations. Often when our door is locked we are in the building. We lock it when we are with a client or in other areas of North Shore Wellness Club. Call the number on the door and if we are able to come to the door to let you in, we will. If not we can set up a time to meet that is convenient for you.
  • See our news and editorials section to learn more about our wellness therapies.

Ready to book your appointment?

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