Rejuvenate Café hosts weekly events and specials.  We do not claim to be health professionals, we are community-based individuals seeking a healthier balance in our lives.  One size does not fit all and we each have our own personal wellness goals.  Rejuvenate Café specials and events explore a variety of wellness products and therapies by bringing in professional guest speakers, organizing webinar parties, and planning fun community events with health and wellness in mind. 

Partnered with Lokahi Spa, our goal is to create a potpourri of wellness opportunities and products all under one roof.  We have extra room to grow, so please share what you would like to learn more about or any fun wellness ideas you may have. 

This Week’s events hosted by Rejuvenate Café

Click on the link below to see this month’s specials and events for Rejuvenate Café and Lokahi Spa.

Specials and Events Calendar

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