North Shore Wellness Club was inspired by our desire to live healthier and our love of the North Shores of Seneca Lake and Hawaii.  We are not medical professionals, rather we want to create a community of like-minded individuals, exploring holistic wellness together in a casual, contemporary space designed for self-care and socialization.

Housed under one roof, Rejuvenate Café and Lokahi Spa partner together to provide a potpourri of products and services.  Starting 2022, we will bring in guest speakers, organize weekly events, and partner with other wellness-related businesses in our quest for a healthier balance in our daily lives. Lokahi Spa is open now by reservation only. You can book your reservation online or call North Shore Wellness Club directly. Rejuvenate Cafe will open November, 2021.

Lokahi Spa Tours and Appointments

Call and set up a tour and learn more about our unique services offered at Lokahi Spa and our future plans for North Shore Wellness Club. Currently we have Float Therapy Rooms, Infrared Sauna Suites, and Rolling Machine classes. Each Float Room and Infrared Sauna Suite is complete with it’s own private shower and changing area. Your can relax, reset, and recharge while feeling safe in today’s challenging times. Call Lokahi Spa at 315-759-5253 or go online to and click on SPA RESERVATIONS to book an appointment. Online reservations must be at least 12 hours in advance, so call us directly for your last minute reservations.

Gift Certificates are also available!

E-Mail karen@northshorefingerlakes or call 315-759-5253 to schedule a tour and pick up some information on North Shore Wellness Club.

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